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Charlie is great for brushing and leading.  His new saddle is a 12 inch.  He leads well carrying a child, and will be a great assett for therapeutic riding.  

Our newest member of Birchfield Farm

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown came to live at Birchfield Farm on January 17, 2023.  Finn had been doing fine and we had no intention of getting another horse, but this small pony just stole our hearts.

With no history of this horse in writing, we were told that he was bought at an auction in Ohio, and brought to Maine.  He leads like a char​m, no nips or rear, no kicks.  He is a timid sweetheart.

It has taken a summer of training with practice 3 - 4 times a week.  He is a smart pony.  He never had a bit in his mouth, and he was a "lead pony", which I now know means he was led around.  He now knows his verbal commands, and has started with driving the cart.  Thankfully he knows "HO", "EASY", and "WALK ON".  We are having so much fun with Charlie Brown!

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