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A Different

Kind of Ride

Horseback Riding and Other Farm Activities

Visit our friendly horses At Birchfield in Waldoboro, Maine.  You can enjoy horseback riding in a ring,  watch them run in the lush grassy fields and feed them candy canes for treats.  My farm has two wonderful horses that are available for visitors to use.   Visit our Sheep, pick eggs from the hen nests, and pet the bunnies.  All animals can be petted and fed.  It is an earthy fun time for any child or adult who loves animals.  Wear your boots when you come, or at least sneakers you don't mind getting dirty.  Take pictures with your favorite animal and feed them animal crackers. The horses know that when visitors come they can expect treats.  Animal crackers take on a whole new meaning, and the animals love them.  

          • Horse Riding in the ring
          • Therapeutic Riding and Grooming.  Children must be at least 4 years old .  $15 per session, plan on an hour.  
  • Visitors are welcome any day.  Visits are free, and you may take pictures, and pet and feed the animals.  
  • Haven't been on a horse in 20 years, but would like to try it?  You can have a chance to get back on a horse with safety, supervision and encouragement.  $15 per session.
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