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5 new lambs and 2 new cows

What a crazy couple of weeks we have had! Two ewes had 5 Finn lambs between the two, all doing well. Our ewe, who was our first sheep, had a difficult time and we lost her and her 3 lambs. In the week before, I visited and bought two Jersey cows, one a mid size jersey and a 4 month old jersey steer for company. Then the SNOW! And finally the eclipse and some spring weather. We have lots of fleece being made into roving for spinning. A friend with Gotland fleece, and also with new lambs, sold us a few fleeces. That Gotland fleece is soooo pretty. Our Finn fleece is becoming roving as well. We have 8 baby chickens chirping in our living room, Isa Browns. All the animals are always hungry it seems, and we have enough hay to last for now. Soon I will post for the lambs to be sold, and the horses will start riding and pulling the cart. We have had several visitors stay here, and it looks like it will be a busy summer here.

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