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Finn Fleece


Lendrum Wheel


Finn fleece

Finn fleece

Finn Fleece

Finn fleece

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wavy crimp


Gotland black/white fleece

Gotland white roving


Skirting table in the barn

Gotland white fleece


Gotland white fleece

Gotland white yarn

Gotland grey roving


The sheep were sheared on 3/10/24.  The fleeces have been washed here at Birchfield farm.  The Finn fleece, roving and yarn is from our own sheep. The Gotland fleece is from a friend's flock of sheep


Also selling roving and handspun yarn.  The roving was done at Catawampus mill.  

 The Gotland roving and fleece comes in white or black/ white.  The grey roving is from the black and white sheep fleece.

The handspun yarn is single ply, bulky yarn.  


Gotland white yarn


Merino yarn

Prices on washed fleece:  Available fleece is Finn, Gotland white, and Gotland black/white  

8 ounce packages for sale for $25.00 each.  

Roving:  Available roving is Gotland white, and Gotland grey.

4 ounces for $20

Handspun Yarn:   Gotland grey, Gotland White, Finn white;  also available is yarn from Merino,

and BFL.

Shipping: $6.00


Finn white yarn

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