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Finn Fleece


Pippin Wheel

Tony's fleece

20211010_152527 (1).jpg

wavy crimp

8.4 ounces

Audrey's fleece



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Skirting table in the barn

The sheep were sheared on 3/9/23.  The fleeces have been washed, and are posted on Etsy.  The price is $25 per 8 ounce package.

The fleece is washed to preserve the curls.  Some of the fleece has shipped to France and Australia, and all over the US.  


Pickup at the farm is preferred, as the price to mail it is about the same as the cost of the fleece.


I have a few smaller batches of beautiful curly, crimpy fleece.  It was the curly heart of a fleece.  It is very white, respectably clean, and soft.  It is excellent  for crafts, doll making and felting. 


I attend a weekly spinning group at Sheepscot General Store every Tuesday morning.  The girls have mentored me to get my spinning skills started, and they have adjusted my spinning wheel tension, length of attached pedal, and they offer encouragement.  I enjoy working with and washing the fleece, and this attempt to learn to spin has opened up new friends and skills.  

Prices on washed fleece:  

8 ounce packages for sale for $25.00 each.  This is excellent, crimpy, lustrous, soft fleece.   Call me to order, or check out Etsy at Birchfieldfarm.  

Shipping by UPS flat rate:  8 oz in medium box for $17.10,  16 oz on a large box for $22.80.

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