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Egg Standards:

Large              2.0   ounces

Extra Large   2.25 ounces

Jumbo            2.5   ounces


Our star layers are ISA Brown  Hens, laying rich brown eggs, that are oh so fluffy when cooked.  Our White leghorns continue to produce large white eggs.  We have a few  buff orpington hens.  I randomly weight the eggs, and all the eggs are over 2.0 ounces, so all eggs are large or extra large.   We found a place to absorb our egg production - McGreevy's in Waldoboro gets our eggs.  In return, we get an occasional pepperoni pizza.  Of course, you can always buy them here at the farm for $3 a dozen.  We were getting about a dozen eggs a day.  There are a few regular egg customers, as our egg reputation grows.  

          With the loss of 12 hens and 2 roosters, we are low in egg production, and taking a break right now after the heartache of losing the chickens.  We have 4 chickens left.  

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