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Finn Sheep

The Finn Herd

8 Adult sheep at present, hoping for 8 or more spring lambs from our 5 pregnant ewes.

Starting with our Registered Finn Ram, Frederick,  He remains the intact sire of our herd.  Then there is Anthony, with the most gorgeous fleece. He is a male wether to keep Fred company and not to confuse the geneology of our offspring.   Two years ago we bought two registered Finn Ewes, Audrey and Elana, with the softest and high quality fleece.  A bonus was they produced twins and triplets with Fred.  We sold out our fleece last year on Etsy, as washed, raw, Finn fleece.       

We kept two beautiful ewes from the 2022 lambing.  We bought a new registered Finn ram, Dustin, as the sire for these yearling ewes.   We have two sets of sheep families this winter: Fred's family and Dustin's crew.   

Finn Fleece

You can be assured of memory with this beautiful fleece.  Remember the sweater that dragged down with wear?  No so with Finn Fleece which has incredible memory and bounce back.  

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