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The reason I started with sheep was to have them eat the weeds in the field and fertilize it. The sheep are fussy, eating the good grass, leaving the weeds.   Premier 1 sheep fencing was put in this past summer for rotational grazing.  

Each summer I put petunias in pots as they add color all summer, just gotta keep them watered.  A  friend offered to help me garden, not one of my strengths.  She motivated me to weed, plant and show off some of the garden spaces here.  

Colonel Sanders




There are a ton of perennial plant gardens  put in by previous flower lovers.  Thank you from me years later in appreciation.


Charlie Brown

The horses have been eating round bale hay and square bale hay this winter.  They start on grass as soon as it grows, so they get used to it early, and have never had an intolerance to having too much green grass.  300 bales of hay expected in June.


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