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Ruby and Denise

Ruby and Bruce


Our lambs are purebred, with both parents having registration from the Finnsheep Bre​eders Association.  These lambs will be registered and  ownership is easily transferred.   

Ruby, our first lamb, 3/12/23

Registered Finn ewe

3/20/23, 3 males, Audrey

Registered Finn rams

3/26/23 1 b/Silver female, 2 white males: Elana

Registered Finn ewe and rams


Registered Ewe lambs - $300

Registered Ram lambs - $200

If you wish a ram, speak up before the 2 week mark as they will be banded at 2 weeks.  Audrey's lambs should be excellent rams, with Point of View from Fred in their genes.  

Our first lamb, Ruby arrived, from Elaine / Dustin on 3/12/23..  This was followed a week later by Audrey's 3 boys.  Ruby is strong and playful, and has curly fleece.  Audrey's boys will be a good to larger size, as both Audrey and Fred are medium /large sheep.  

Our lambs are sold for pets, breeding or harvesting.    Their fleece is pure white, and is gorgeous  fleece!  We obtained a Registered Ram, Dustin, from our breeder at Walking Cloud Farm in Shelburne Falls, Mass. He is paired with Alice and Elaine, with the 3 being about the same age, with expected lambs in the spring.  Elaine has given us 3 males on 3/20/23.  Audrey still holding out.

Fred is the ram for Coconut, Elana, and Audrey.

Elana delivered on 3/26/23.  She gave us 3 lambs, 2 white males and one black / silver female.  All are rugged, up in 5 minutes and feeding from their mother.  

All adults receive their CDT annual vaccination, and receive dewormer yearly.  The lambs are vaccinated at 6 weeks for CDT, and again 4 weeks later.

Bruce and Denise are members of the Finnsheep Breeder's Association.

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