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Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming, and we have decorated and made some wreaths. A good friende of mine, a nurse, has a wreath making party in the fall, and it was postponed for 2 years. So glad that Susan taught me how to make wreaths! We have been quite fortunate in not having a cold snap yet, and no frozen buckets yet. We do not have running water in the barns and we lug about 20 gallons of water daily. If our electricity goes out, we have a supply of 40 gallons in the cellar for the animals. I wonder how they did this years ago. It is hard enough now. We have a guest coming in this weekend, but the VRBO has slowed to a crawl, which allows us to get away for a bit. Our Barn Girl is a blessing. She has helped me out for 5 years, and now is grown up with a full time job, but she will take care of our animals when we go away. We now have one horse, as Jemma is no longer with us. Finnegan is adjusting well, and now gets attention without Jemma worrying about where he has gone. We have two sets of sheep, hoping that all 5 ewes are bred for the spring lambing around mid march. "The Little ones" are 3 young sheep, not yet a year old, and they are separated from the others. The other group of 5 has Fred watching over them. We did a fall shearing on 4 of them, and the fleece is beautiful. Check us out on Etsy. Birchfieldfarm. Call me direct if you want some nice fleece, or a soft throw pillow which is my latest offering. It is filled, of course, with Finn Fleece. The wood stove is toasty. We are having the woods logged and now have big equipment coming and going. And our new Septic is great. Not that you needed to know that, but this old place is worthy of an upgrade. Have a nice holiday, and I hope you visit with family this season. Merry Christmas.

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