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Greener Grass on the other side of the fence

The cow is a problem with finding every weak fence spot to eat the grass on the other side of the fence. We have reinforced, extended, and in the process of putting up wire fencing. We had the paddock wire fenced but soon the animals needed more grass!! I am giving her back as she is too much work.  The poop loads have tripled having 2 cows. She does not even come for a grain bucket she would rather have grass.  Yesterday she was headed down the driveway and I cannot have that.  I will keep the mini jersey steer, Jersey Mike.  He is cute and timid.  Charlie Brown can boss him around so that keeps Charlie happy, and Finn is in charge of everyone

Our lambs are getting bigger, with two lambs set to go today. They each have beautiful fleece, so it is tempting to keep them, but that means more poop and more chaos with 8 sheep all winter. The sheep have fencing in the field that they respect, the Premier 1 white mesh fencing. It tangles so easily, and I do not feel that it gets the electric charge from the solar panel, but the sheep stay inside of the perimeter.

Gardens? Not started. I have 4 spiny tomatoe plants in my kitchen. I was hoping for just flowers this year, no vegetables. I have Gladiolas and Dahlias for whenever the animals stop taking most of my time away; maybe I will plant them yet.

We had some neighbors over for burgers on Memorial Day Sunday, such a blessing to have such good friends. Spring has brought along sunshine and warmth.

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