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Hope in the New Year

We have so much to be thankful for. We welcome the new year and whatever it brings for each of us. Our farm has beautiful things such as the fields, woods, and shelter for us and our animals. We gain more appreciation each week of how wonderful our neighbors are and of the community that is Waldoboro. Our farm is hardly anything big, but we have a nice active lifestyle. Many visitors have stayed to have a change of pace and we enjoy people from all over the United States. Many have stories to share about growing up on a farm, or of visiting friends on a farm. Other visitors have invited us to music concerts that they are participating in up here, and bring a class act to this quiet place. I think about the people who lived here before us, and I do not know much beyond their names. The spirit of work pervades this place, and it has good feelings for us and for those who come to stay here. Birchfield is a place of being content despite the chores. I wish good things for you after the holidays, and in the coming year.

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