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It's a new year

With the holidays behind us, we are doing our daily chores with the 2 barns, and sometimes it is pretty cold in the morning. I tell myself that the animals are hungry, and that gets me outside. We have a few early reservations in February and April. I recommend a visit from mid-March through May, to see the lambs before they are sold. Everything is frozen. Our friend is doing logging of our woods. He is a one man job thinning out our woods. He has left much of the birches, and I am amazed at how many birches actually are on the farm. I hear the skid steer start up and go down the trail, then the machine goes off, then I hear the chain saw, then the tree crash, then the skid steer starts up and he drags it back to the front near our driveway. The logging truck is amazing to watch as he picks up the trees and loads them on the truck. It is about 8 cords per truckload. Some of our wood went to the person that we bought firewood from last year. On another note, I have been taking Finnegan for daily walks up and down the driveway. He puts his head out for his halter, and I can tell he looks forward to our time together. He was at his best when he was giving weekly lessons last summer. I try to close the outside lower half door so I can clean his stall, but Finnegan can undo the slide latch and open the door in about 2 minutes. One time I will have to get a video. He really has a mechanical mind. We added 4 Isa Brown hens, now we are up to 21 chickens, getting about a dozen eggs a day. We count our blessings to be here.

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