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Putting away the garden

I took down the fencing, both the chicken wire and the pig type metal fences. Those metal ones worked great, wish I had more of them. All the gladiolas are dug up and in my basement, and dahlias too. Now if I really get good at this, I could have the garden plowed under before it snows. Fat chance. We have a new manure spreader, and have put out about 6 loads of chopped manure and lime in the horse areas, and hope for better grass next spring. The manure would soak in better if I could cultivate it but with the small Kubota it will have to just sit on top through the winter.

I put the blanket on Finn for the first time tonight. I visited the Maine State Society for Protection of Animals, and they do not blanket any of their horses all winter. There is a cute female there named Tales. She looks like Finn and Charlie, I would be embarrassed to have 3 look alikes. My vet says people tend to find a type they like, well I guess that is my type.

Finn bullys Charlie and keeps him outside in the rain. When they are outside on pasture they eat out of the same square foot of grass.

We are so blessed here. Our wood stove is on. So many terrible things are going on in the world. We are so fortunate. I wish you all well.

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