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Colder Weather

It has been so cold lately. Minus 2, minus 1 last night. We have been 5 days without it getting above freezing. We have one heated bucket, the others, even the rooster water buckets have to come indoors to thaw out. We have to pick up the eggs before they freeze and crack. Rocksalt is always a help. The new pony has become friends with Finnegan and we have nick named him Charlie Brown. Our Ewes are getting ready for lambing starting March 15th. We had to reassign pens as Fred is harrassing the girls. The chickens continue to lay daily and we have a few regular customers. The rabbits are in their cages, getting a blanket cover at night. We are fortunate to have our wood stove. I will never quite get used to having the animals freezing in the barn, but I can't take them in. Right? Somehow I hope to remember the bleak cold days next summer, but they will fade with the warmer weather.

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