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Not Enough Fans!

The temps in the 90's last week was hard for any animal. Humans can escape indoors to a cooler spot, but the animals have to wait till evening to cool down. We have fans in all barns, running 24/7. Fred and the boys are at a shed without electricity, but they found shade. The rain today is a welcome relief.

We sent back Annie Oakley to the people I bought her from. She needed more grass, and got into the sheep fencing, then out the back field with no fencing. Then she blew through the white tape that the horses have like the Boston Marathon winner. We scrambled to put up welded fencing instead of the tape, but in our haste I had only put one electric tie. She found the weak spot in the metal fencing and was in the yard looking down the driveway. 4 times loose and thankfully, the previous owners took her back. We have kept Jersey Mike and things are calmer now.

Yesterday Charlie Brown did his first pony cart drive. He had 3 practice harness and reins sessions. He likes to trot with the pony cart as we circle the house. Some of the new trails our logger friend has left us may be suitable for the pony cart.

Finnegan is a love right now. I ride about 3 times a week, and he has a lesson with children about twice a week. He is protective of his stall and is not too happy when Jersey Mike comes in.

We are utilizing our manure spreader in the back fields. The field has many weeds and wild strawberry plants. Some horse pastures that I have worked on with lime, grass seed and fertilizer are growing better grass for grazing. I broke our mower going over a log. Bruce got it welded locally, so we are back in mowing. I realize how critical the mower is for the fields.

Bruce has been sawing and splitting wood with the 4 cord or so of trees that our logger has set aside. Too much work, but he is determined to get it done.

I had a craft table at the Fiber Frolics and at Waldoboro Day. This has been fun getting out and meeting new friends. I continue with my spinning group, Whitefield Spinners, every Tuesday from 9 am to 11 am at the Sheepscot General Store. I am making a lot of yarn, too much really.

The guests have been wonderful, and we enjoy meeting new people from all over the USA. So far we have had visitors from Texas, New York, Kentucky, and Canada. More Maine visitors have come and often families have visited which we especially enjoy.

Each day we are grateful and look for hope and optimism in this farm life. We hope all of you are well and interested in what you are doing in your lives.

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