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September cool down

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Cooler weather here. Putting up plastic everywhere. Suddenly the nights are in the 40's, but days are still pretty nice here. Finnegan is ridden about 3 times a week, and we have a nice horse trail back, thanks to our logging man. The longer back trail is also pretty nicely fixed up, but still has a muddy section. Charlie Brown is able to pull the cart with me in the cart. He tends to go a bit too fast, but other days he is slow with good judgement, and he does a real nice "HO!" We have a new ground driven manure spreader, and we have taken it out to the field 3 times. It clogs real easy, despite trying to keep hay out of the manure mix. We added 2 bags of lime to each time spreading, and we suspect that acts like cement and causes the clog. Finally getting some nourishment to our fields. The sheep are fluffy, but I have decided to wait until early spring to do the shearing. Tony is looking like Wooly Bully, and his fleece looks wonderful. Number 107 was not adopted, and he was making moves with his mother, so he is now a wether, with beautiful fleece. He will stay with us, and now has his registered name Arthur. We have a steady flow of wonderful guests, from Virginia on up and now some guests from South Dakota. So much fun to share our farm with paying guests who help us keep up with grain bills. We have 300 bales of hay, thanks to B.B. our hay guy. Beautiful hay, no weeds, and the animals love it. We also regularly use a Round bale for horse feed, as the quality has been excellent at RZR, our feed store.

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